DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame for Under $10

Okay guys. If there were only one DIY project I could share with you, I think it would be this one. It is so. easy. and transforms your bathroom. Affordably. It involves the #1 thing you look at in the bathroom: your mirror!

When we were thinking about re-doing our bathroom, we started looking at new mirrors… but they were expensive! I wanted to keep our bathroom makeover cheap, so I wasn’t interested in spending $50+ for a new mirror. That being said, I hated the “builder” mirror that was in there – you know, it’s like a giant slate of mirror. It gets the job done, but it’s so blah.

As I was searching around on Pinterest for bathroom makeover inspiration, I came across a DIY bathroom mirror frame on a fun home decor blog called Cherished Bliss. I pinned it knowing it would be something I’d actually come back to later. Would you guess that the mirror above turned into this one??

Okay, let me show you how we did it!

DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame Materials

  • 2 small plastic washers (plastic will ensure they don’t crack the mirror)
  • 2 screws
  • Wood, trim, or other framing that’s the length of the perimeter of the mirror
  • Liquid Nails
  • Miter saw or saw with miter block

Step 1: Replace the mirror clips.

At the top of the mirror, there are little plastic clips holding the mirror in place. They’re a bit bulky and the new frame won’t lay against it very well, so you’ll need to replace the clip with washers.

Unscrew the mirror clip (one at a time), and screw in the plastic washer to hold the mirror in place. Like this:

You don’t need to worry about replacing the piece along the bottom of the mirror – the frame will lay over it just fine.

Step 2: Saw the boards to the correct length.

We wanted to find some very thin, inexpensive wood for the mirror. Thin, so it wouldn’t be too heavy to glue onto the mirror, and inexpensive, because duh. While in the lumber section of Lowe’s we came across redwood which was perfect – each 8 ft. board was only $2.50.

When measuring the length of the mirror for cutting the boards, we added an inch so the outside edge of the frame would extend about 1/2″ past the edge of the mirror. You don’t want any hint of mirror showing outside of the frame!

We cut the end of each board at a 45-degree angle so the boards would fit together as a frame (make sure to put them together as such before you start gluing later on). They look like this:

Step 3: Treat the boards.

We decided to treat the wood the same way we treated our accent wall, which you can find in my DIY Master Bathroom Makeover article. We stained it, white-washed it, then lightly sanded it. I’d also recommend waxing the boards after it’s assembled to protect the wood.

Step 4: Glue the boards to the mirror.

Once the boards are treated, it’s time to glue them to the mirror! Grab your Liquid Nails, caulk gun, and husband because it’s kind of hard to squeeze the glue out of the tube. ?

Once the glue is on, stick it on to the mirror and make sure it’s level. You may need to hold it there for a few minutes until the glue starts drying and it stays in place.

Glue up the rest of the frame, making sure to nudge it around if necessary so all the edges fit together properly.

And just like that, this…

Became this!

Wah-lah! Easy peasy, and cheap! Here’s the cost breakdown…

Wood: $7.50
White paint: On hand (~$20 at Home Depot)
Stain: On hand ($10.77 at Home Depot)
Liquid Nails: On hand ($3.47 at Home Depot)
Caulk Gun: On hand ($2.77 at Home Depot)

If you had to buy everything at the store, it’d come to about $44, but we had most of the items on hand and you could re-use everything except the wood.

If you have any of the “Builder’s Mirrors” in your home, I highly encourage you to try out this DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame. It only takes an afternoon and makes a huge difference! You can do it! ?

If you need me, I’ll be framing the rest of our mirrors… ?

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    1. Hi Karen! Thanks for stopping by. As long as the washers you get are small, they don’t stick out much more than the head of the screw. The amount it affects the wood is negligible if the washers are small enough! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Cyndi!! We actually found that vanity lighting on a local buy/sell app, OfferUp! You might be able to find something similar on Amazon by searching for vanity lighting and bubble glass! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Angie! It does – it’s probably a quarter inch from the wall, but it’s not really noticeable. We also had the wood hang over a bit from the edge of the mirror so you wouldn’t see the edge of the mirror!

  1. Do you know what the wood was called? I’m excited to do this to my mirrors. What did you do on the wall behind the mirror? Beautiful.

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for stopping by! I think it’s one of the best DIY projects ever! Instant upgrade! I found the wood for the mirror along the back wall of Lowe’s, and I think it was for a fence. Whatever wood you find, just make sure it’s THIN! Like a half inch or less. Trim would also work very well.

      As for the accent wall, you can read more about that in my Master Bathroom reveal post here!:

  2. This project was not under $10 even if you have the majority of the supplies. Slightly disappointed because the preparation was not what I expected.

    1. Hi Renise, I’m sorry you didn’t have a great experience with this project! At the end of the post I laid out how much the project would be if you had to buy everything new, which is about $40. That being said, you’d have a lot of supplies left over. I suppose if you couldn’t find cheaply-priced wood the project would be even more. That being said, it’s key to get very thin wood so the frame isn’t too heavy and thin wood is usually less expensive than other options. Again, I’m sorry that you were disappointed with this project!

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